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Pleasant Planet
Storytelling made real.  On film, stage and radio.

We are performing our play Liberty as part of the Stockwell Playhouse 5 Minute Festival
7.30pm on 13 December 2017. 

Liberty is an intense 5 minute powerplay reversal between frustrated  writer Giles and emancipated Sara.
Involves some nudity but no actual sex or violence.

Giles Screed - Nick Cox 
Sara Bourne - Xenia Huntley

Written and directed by Nick Cox.

Please come down!

ecent Work
We wrote one of these three female monologues - And ... Breathe.  
Retired actress Sylvia recalls the beauty in life and is determined to smile through the most difficult decision. 

Showed in 2016 at
  • Hackney Showroom 
  • theSpace, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe)
  • The Vaults, Waterloo, London
Stage direction and production by the fantastic Loquitur Theatre.  Co-authored by Pleasant Planet. 

Chow for the Koi - Movie of Sound
A dark and sweet psychological audio drama about addiction and urban isolation in 8 episodes. 
We used cinematic sound design and an original beats-based soundtrack. 
A cast of 12 was led by Brendan McCoy (Warner Brothers, Universal, Vertigo Films, Film Four) and Gareth David Lloyd (BBC’s Torchwood).
In development

Unsung Heroes - Music video
This cool couple wake up in the park, coming down from a superhero party. 
Imagine if the dream came true?

Liberty - A Stage Play in Five Acts
Author Giles Screed has lost his muse and meaning in life.  He fills the gap with immediate pleasures.   Set against a clash of Western and Islamic ideologies.  How cultures clash and we live with our life choices.  
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